Traveling Grace

❤️❤️❤️ I had an absolute blast creating this at my favorite mountain! Click the link below to enjoy!!! #kennesawmountain #travelinggrace #vlog #mytypeoffun #memories #travel

My interview with Angelica, host of A Little Bit of Everything with Me Podcast!

👏 🎙 🎧 Thank you SO much Angelica for having me on your amazing show!!! I truly enjoyed chatting with you about all things business! Be sure to check out the episode by clicking the link below and also follow A Little Bit Of Everything With Me podcast!

Ep. 585 – Cynthia Boyd- Podcaster and Small Business Owner Listen and Learn LLC Kennesaw, Georgia

Episode Link:—Podcaster-and-Small-Business-Owner-e15b78f

Cynthia one of the members of The CO-OP (The Circle of Outstanding Podcasts), sits down with me with opening Listen and Learn LLC and the amount of support she has received, and how the business is going so far. She is helping children develop social socials, academic training, and many other programs. We get into podcasting and how her Listen and Learn With ME Podcast has helped children develop and engage with each other. During the pandemic, she had to shift and made adjustments to keep her busy running.

Cynthia’s Links:
Owner of Listen and Learn LLC with two locations (Kennesaw, Georgia and Kansas City-Zona Rosa, Missouri)
Author of My Writings in the Sand: A 21 Day Interactive Guide to Obtaining Peace.
Our Collaboration Station Podcast
Listen and Learn with ME Podcast! (Podcast for kids)
Facebook business page Listen and Learn LLC Kennesaw, Georgia @listenandlearnllckennesawga
Cynthia Interviewing Angelica:–An-interview-with-Angelica-host-of-A-Little-Bit-of-Everything-with-Me-Podcast-eq4dc0

Recorded back in April 2021

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Business Minded-An interview with Dr. Monica Boyd of Compass Pharmacy in Texas

✨ It was such an honor to interview my phenomenal sister, Dr. Monica Boyd, on my ‘Our Collaboration Station’ podcast! We had a very relaxing an informative conversation about life, business, motherhood, success, and more. Click the link below to listen! Thank you so much, Monica, for taking the time to inform my listeners about your AMAZING Compass Pharmacy in Texas!

If you need additional information about her boutique pharmacy, please visit


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Business Minded -An interview with Kelsey Hoke, owner of Hoke Specialty Service Center!!!

✨ So glad to have had the pleasure of connecting with THE Kelsey Hoke on my ‘Our Collaboration Station Podcast’ this week! Click the link below for the full episode which can be heard on, #Spotify, #applepodcasts, and many more podcast listening outlets!!! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Also check out Kelsey’s business website at for additional information on her program. 🤩

My Mother’s Day 2021

✍🏾 ✨ 🙏🏾 I’ve been penning these daily letters of THANKS to God in my journal since January 1st, 2021. It was a decision I chose to stay committed to on the first day of this year. While it has been joyfully exhausting, I knew it would benefit me at every level. It has strengthened my faith. It has nurtured my spiritual thoughts. It has unlocked other parts of my spiritual vision that had been untouched or either packed away. More importantly, and amongst multiple other things, it has enhanced me as a woman. Today’s letter (this message), makes letter number 129, and during these past 129 days, I made it a point to have a clear heart, mind, and spirit before I put my pen to that paper. I wanted to be sure that I was 100% attentive to my written words to God…my words, which have now become my spoken prayers. I am overjoyed with where God has placed me in my life. I am in a space of pure peace.

Peace has been my foundation over the past five years. Yes…peace. I’ve been able to show my daughter what living in peace looks like, so that she could benefit from doing so in her young years. That is not a luxury I had as a child, but I am blessed to observe her as she experiences her definition of what peace is to her. ☺️🥰☺️

This high caliber of peace now defines me. I protect my peace just as God protects me. It fuels me each day as a mother to my daughter, and it even affords me the space, time, and energy to share my motherly love with other young children who may need it. I am beyond blessed…

I wear many hats in my life. As a business owner, I am a beast in the boardroom…I take all of my business matters seriously. I mother many children and young adults each and everyday. I am also pure entertainment 😂 to my students that I mentor as well! I am comfort, peace, love, support, and all the things 😉 to my significant other who has not skipped one single day praying with me and/or for me. He is a true spiritual asset to my life. ♥️

Today, ALL hats have come off… I’ll be catering to and MOTHERING ME!!! Happy Mother’s Day to me and a very SPECIAL MOTHER’S DAY to each of you mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, godmothers, and teachers, too!!!

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Answered Prayers

✨ I’m backkkk! New episode available on my ‘Our Collaboration Station’ Podcast. I talk briefly about what I’ve been up to, my shift from journaling about my day to writing daily letters/prayers to God, and all of the blessing I am reaping from my positive daily writings and prayers. Listen to this episode on your favorite podcast listening outlet, or…

Click the link below to listen!

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Podcast episode – Business Minded- An interview with Angelica, host of A Little Bit of Everything with Me!

✨ I had the pleasure of interviewing Latin Podcast Awards 2020 Winner Angelica Vallecillo Goncalves who is also a Podcaster, Designer, Speaker, and Host of A Little Bit Of Everything With Me Podcast! Out of Toronto, Canada, Angelica used her amazing voice to share her story on her bout with Dyslexia as a child and the impact that it has on her life as an adult. In this episode, she shares with me the difficulties in having a learning challenge and we also highlight the MAJOR achievements and accomplishments that she has made over the years. She also gives words of encouragement to parents who may be raising children with learning difficulties. Please check out her business brands and follow all of her social media platforms by clicking the links below!

Gracias for being a part of my Our Collaboration Station Podcast, Angelica! I look forward to our future interviews/episodes! 👏🏾🎬🎧 🎙

AVG Fashion & Lifestyle: Latin Podcast Awards 2020 Winner
Instagram: alittlebitofeverythingwithme/‬ Facebook: alittlebitofeverythingwithme Website:

Click the link below to listen to the full episode! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

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The 13th month of 2020!!!

This episode was recorded January 20th, 2021. I hope that everyone is off to a phenomenal start for the new year! Enjoy this episode. It is filled with motivation and inspiration for all. Click the link below to listen. #motivation #inspiration #peace

Reflections and a SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU!!! A Podcast episode.

#happynewyear2021 🎉 🥂

✨ episode #repost – I published this episode Dec 27th, 2019, and while I didn’t foresee a pandemic, I did envision the greatness that 2020 had in store for me. #thanksGod

✨ If you haven’t already, click the link and listen to Season 1 Episode 3 ‘The year 2020…Can you see it clearly?’ on my ‘Our Collaboration Station Podcast’.

✨ Click the link in the down below, for my most recent episode where I briefly reflect and thank my listeners for tuning in and for being so amazingly supportive to the podcast this year!!!

✨ Start strong in the year 2021 with the positive mindset to finish the year STRONGER!! 💪🏾 ♥️


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