The 13th month of 2020!!!

This episode was recorded January 20th, 2021. I hope that everyone is off to a phenomenal start for the new year! Enjoy this episode. It is filled with motivation and inspiration for all. Click the link below to listen. #motivation #inspiration #peace

Reflections and a SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU!!! A Podcast episode.

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✨ episode #repost – I published this episode Dec 27th, 2019, and while I didn’t foresee a pandemic, I did envision the greatness that 2020 had in store for me. #thanksGod

✨ If you haven’t already, click the link and listen to Season 1 Episode 3 ‘The year 2020…Can you see it clearly?’ on my ‘Our Collaboration Station Podcast’.

✨ Click the link in the down below, for my most recent episode where I briefly reflect and thank my listeners for tuning in and for being so amazingly supportive to the podcast this year!!!

✨ Start strong in the year 2021 with the positive mindset to finish the year STRONGER!! 💪🏾 ♥️


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A Podcast Episode – Business Minded featuring Mr. Gentleman Lifestyle Podcast

✨ I had the pleasure of interviewing Ken Pyle on my ‘Our Collaboration Station Podcast!’ 👏👏👏 Mr. Gentleman Lifestyle Podcast is a phenomenal podcast that sheds light on several different topics. Ken, the host with the most, shares a variety of inspiring stories and he also shares his opinions on current events. He has amazing guests podcasters, entrepreneurs, artists, and more, that he interviews on a regular…not to mention, he has a FIRE music line up throughout his shows! 🔥🎼🔥 Be sure to check out his podcast, Mr. Gentleman Lifestyle Podcast on all podcast listening outlets.

Click the link below for the full episode! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

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✨It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted a written post. I hope that each of you are doing very well!!!

November 2020 has brought so many blessings into my life. I am thankful and grateful for multiple things. I’ve enjoyed reflecting each day in this month, on at least one thing that I was thankful for. Overall, it is PEACE that I cherish, appreciate, and am blessed to have each day. I am truly thankful for my peace.

I would like to encourage you to hone in on the things that you are most thankful for. Feel free to share them with others, as you can be a true inspiration to those around you! Until we meet again…Obtain your PEACE! ~Cynthia

Business Minded- An interview with Megan Rena – Owner of Meg’s Mystic Treasures LLC

✨ New podcast episode up on my ‘Our Collaboration Station’ podcast! Season 3 Episode 1. 👏 I had the pleasure of interviewing my lovely daughter Megan. Check out what Megan has to say about becoming a new business owner in the midst of a pandemic! Link below.–An-interview-with-Megan-Rena—Owner-of-MEGS-MYSTIC-TREASURES-LLC-elp242

Also, I shout out the Queen In Me Podcast hosted by LaQuitta McKinney Wallace. Be sure you check her motivational podcast out! It’s available on all listening outlets.

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PEACE in the PANDEMIC – Our Collaboration Station Podcast episode

Hi everyone! I hope each of you are doing well. In today’s episode, we are elaborating on how to maintain peace in the midst of a pandemic. Check out Our Collaboration Station on all podcast listening platforms! Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime via email at #mywritingsinthesand #ourcollaborationstation #thecoop Also, check out my feature podcast promo Unfiltered Views Podcast on!

✨ Click the link below to listen! 👇🏾

I have the right to remain silent.

Hi everyone!!! I’ve missed you all and I am so glad to be back! In this podcast episode I’ll be chatting about a little bit of everything that has been and still is going in our world. I talk about why it is perfectly fine for some people to remain silent during this time. I also share the story of a young girl who remained silent during difficult periods in her childhood. Her silence eventually grew her into a beautiful and strong woman over the years. Tune in to this podcast on… Spotify, iHeartRadio, Breaker, and many more listening outlets!


“My spiritual vision is clear which, in turn, has made my physical vision pleasing clearer.” ~Cynthia














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My Writings in the Sand: A 21 Day Interactive Guide to Obtaining Peace {The Audio Book Version by Author Cynthia Rena Boyd}

My Writings in the Sand: A 21 Day Interactive Guide to Obtaining Peace {The Audio Book Version by Author Cynthia Rena Boyd}
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