✨ I had the pleasure of interviewing Latin Podcast Awards 2020 Winner Angelica Vallecillo Goncalves who is also a Podcaster, Designer, Speaker, and Host of A Little Bit Of Everything With Me Podcast! Out of Toronto, Canada, Angelica used her amazing voice to share her story on her bout with Dyslexia as a child and the impact that it has on her life as an adult. In this episode, she shares with me the difficulties in having a learning challenge and we also highlight the MAJOR achievements and accomplishments that she has made over the years. She also gives words of encouragement to parents who may be raising children with learning difficulties. Please check out her business brands and follow all of her social media platforms by clicking the links below!

Gracias for being a part of my Our Collaboration Station Podcast, Angelica! I look forward to our future interviews/episodes! 👏🏾🎬🎧 🎙

AVG Fashion & Lifestyle: http://www.avgallverygood.com Latin Podcast Awards 2020 Winner
Instagram: alittlebitofeverythingwithme/Anchor.fm/everythingwithange‬ Facebook: alittlebitofeverythingwithme Website: http://www.everythingwithange.com

Click the link below to listen to the full episode! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

#podcasting #dyslexia #positivegrowthanddevelopment #coop #thecoop #anchor #spotify and more!

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