👏 🎙 🎧 Thank you SO much Angelica for having me on your amazing show!!! I truly enjoyed chatting with you about all things business! Be sure to check out the episode by clicking the link below and also follow A Little Bit Of Everything With Me podcast!

Ep. 585 – Cynthia Boyd- Podcaster and Small Business Owner Listen and Learn LLC Kennesaw, Georgia

Episode Link: https://anchor.fm/everythingwithange/episodes/Cynthia-Boyd—Podcaster-and-Small-Business-Owner-e15b78f

Cynthia one of the members of The CO-OP (The Circle of Outstanding Podcasts), sits down with me with opening Listen and Learn LLC and the amount of support she has received, and how the business is going so far. She is helping children develop social socials, academic training, and many other programs. We get into podcasting and how her Listen and Learn With ME Podcast has helped children develop and engage with each other. During the pandemic, she had to shift and made adjustments to keep her busy running.

Cynthia’s Links:
Owner of Listen and Learn LLC with two locations (Kennesaw, Georgia and Kansas City-Zona Rosa, Missouri)
Website: http://www.listenandlearnllc.com
Author of My Writings in the Sand: A 21 Day Interactive Guide to Obtaining Peace. https://anchor.fm/ourcollaboration/episodes/MY-WRITINGS-IN-THE-SAND-A-21-DAY-INTERACTIVE-GUIDE-TO-OBTAINING-PEACE-by-Author-Cynthia-Rena-Boyd-eell97
Our Collaboration Station Podcast https://anchor.fm/ourcollaboration
Listen and Learn with ME Podcast! (Podcast for kids) https://anchor.fm/listenandlearnwithme
Facebook business page Listen and Learn LLC Kennesaw, Georgia @listenandlearnllckennesawga
Cynthia Interviewing Angelica:

Recorded back in April 2021

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