Spring has arrived and what an exciting time to switch subject matters!!!

Now that we have built a strong foundation for ourselves through meditation, let us center our focus towards helping others. As we know, there are so many things going on in this world (both positive and negative), that it can become extremely difficult to wrap our heads around certain situations. I have found that there are people everywhere who genuinely need support; and I am not speaking on financial support. I have discovered that people are in dier need of something as simple as…get this…A HUG!! There are people who could use a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to simply be of company to them as they sit in silence and ponder on life. I am always delighted to extend my time to others in those regards. Spreading your positive words, thoughts and spirit with people can be such a rewarding gesture. Most often times, it instills a sense of hope in those who may have thought that all hope had been lost in their lives. For me personally, I feel rejuvenated anytime I can be of positive service to anyone in my community who may need support. I also feel an overwhelming sense of joy when others take it upon themselves to support me and my journey towards maintaining my peace. It is a beautiful thing to experience the amazing feeling of people gathering together for laughs, positivity and love. Those attributes contribute greatly to our health and daily well being.

So I would like to leave you with the motivation of challenging yourself to lend a helping hand to those around you. Be it a close friend, relative or stranger…take the time to share a smile or whatever positive gesture you choose with them. Keep in mind that your beautiful smile just might be someone’s saving grace. Applying this kindness in everyday life is definitely a start to shaping positive relationships in our world.

Cynthia Rena Boyd, Author

Bible verse image created by Cynthia B. through YouVersion Holy Bible App on April 7th, 2019.

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