There is something so serene about being in a calm state. The feeling of being at ease is one of the most rewarding feelings, I must admit. During this peaceful state of mind, a person is able to think clearly, make rational decisions, process feedback from others and so on. Ah, the beautiful feeling of tranquility. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Well, how do you get to the state of calmness one might ask. It’s quite simple. Clear your thoughts. Clear your mind. Clear your spirit and simply…relax.

The first few minutes may be very difficult. You might feel as though you could be completing many other daunting tasks, but be patient and focus in on the thought that you deserve your downtime too. Be of the mindset that your wellbeing is controlled by you. Make your way to your beautiful, tranquil place. By doing so, you will be one step closer in your journey, on the road to obtaining your peace…

My book ~ Writings in the Sand A 21-day Interactive Guide to Obtaining Peace

Written by: Cynthia Rena Boyd, Author

Release date: Coming soon!!! 😍

Georgia mountains, USA

Georgia mountains, USA

Georgia mountains, USA

Georgia mountains, USA

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