Here we are now and several weeks have passed. If you read and followed my article here on RELAXING YOUR MIND THROUGH MEDITATION, it is my deepest hope that you have found yourself in a relaxing state of mind as you maneuver through your day to day activities. Continue to stay consistent with your meditation practices each day.

Do your best to approach the subject of meditation as something that is going to advance you towards positive growth in your life as opposed to another task that you have to complete for the day. Slow and very steady wins the race here. Prepare your mind to give meditating your all!! The more positive energy you exert into this spiritual period, the better the outcome will be.

I simply wanted to share this brief encouraging message with you. Take your time to meditate as you are building your strength and momentum to prepare yourself for helping those around you.

Cynthia Rena Boyd, Author

Bible verse image created by Cynthia B. through YouVersion Holy Bible App on March 10th, 2019.

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