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Hello my amazing listeners! Welcome to the show. I’m so glad to have you here. Today, we are interviewing the phenomenal Tamara Kailany during this Mindful Meditations episode. Tamara shares such a powerful message during our spirit-filled conversation. We do touch on the subjects of depression, anxiety, suicide, generational challenges, and God, The Divine. If those topics are sensitive to you, I encourage you to still listen when you are ready, because your healing could start by hearing someone else’s story and testimony. Please check out her social media information below! As always, I want to encourage you to take your time in all that you do, and also to remember to relax, pray, and obtain your peace. Always remember to pray. #pray #peace #love #businessminded #thecoop email me at Also check out my YouTube channel TRAVELING GRACE by clicking this link below here Here’s the link to my journal on Amazon! daily mindful meditations: A notebook designed for journaling your most creative daily thoughts Contact information for Tamara and Finding The Oasis Within Podcast: Social Media Sites

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