Another new episode up on my podcast!!! 🎧🎤👏 👏 👏 In today’s episode, ‘Obtain your PEACE…a visualization activity’ (Season 1 Episode 11…The Finale), I used scripture readings from Genesis Chapter 1 vs. 1-31 and Chapter 2 vs. 1-4, as a source to meditate to during my daily mediation periods. If your body and mind are telling you to “relax and take a break”, this is the podcast episode for YOU!

Link to full episode 👉—a-visualization-activity-ed01iv

Link for the episode on Spotify 👉

This episode is sponsored by!

Special shout-outs in this episode go to Jessica and Anthony Giesick on Beautiful Feet Podcast!!! Check them out at BeautifulFeet Podcast.

Feel free to reach out to me at or leave me a voicemail on my podcast station on







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